Walking and cycling account for about four per cent of the distance travelled by Finnish people daily. When looking at the number of journeys, their proportion is higher: less than one out of three journeys are completed on foot or by bicycle. The Finnish Transport Agency promotes attractive conditions for walking and cycling as part of national policies and in regional and sub-regional transport system planning. It also guides Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in building and maintaining walking and cycling paths. Conditions for walking and cycling can also be improved by supporting municipalities and urban sub-regions in mobility management.

Together with its partners, the Finnish Transport Agency has prepared a National Action Plan for Walking and Cycling 2020. The action plan is underpinned by a Ministry of Transport and Communications strategy aiming to increase the modal split of walking and cycling by 20%, which means approx. 300 million additional journeys by 2020. Preconditions for achieving this target include a broad-based selection of actions and cooperation between the central government, municipalities and the private sector.

Mobility management means promoting smart mobility through marketing, communications and service development. The goal is influencing people’s choices of travel modes, reducing private car use and increasing the popularity of more sustainable modes of transport. Involving the parties that create mobility needs is essential in mobility management. Workplaces, schools, shops and free time activity providers should be involved in influencing our mobility.

The national coordination of mobility management is ensured by the Finnish Transport Agency, supported by Motiva. The Finnish Transport Agency also supports mobility management activities and cooperation through annual central government discretionary grants. These grants are available for municipalities, joint municipal authorities and other non-profit institutions. (See Finnish Transport Agency website for more information about calls for proposals.)

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