The National Sports Council is a panel of experts serving the Ministry of Education and Culture specified in the Act on the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity. The Government appoints the National Sport Council for each parliamentary term. Under the Act on the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity, the National Sports Council has a section for Sports Policy, Sport for Special Groups and Sport and Fitness Sciences.

The National Sports Council addresses major issues of fundamental importance related to sports and sports policy. The tasks of the National Sports Council and its sections include monitoring the development of sport, submitting initiatives and making proposals to develop sports and physical activity, issuing opinions on the allocation of state appropriations for sports and physical activity within its purview and evaluating the impact of government action in the field of sports and physical activity.

The National Sports Council issues statements on:

The National Sports Council also submits initiatives and makes proposals regarding issues related to sports policy, sports for special groups and sport and fitness science and participates in international sports cooperation tasks assigned to it by the ministry.

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