The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland promotes respiratory health and a good life for those with respiratory illnesses. Tens of thousands of patients with respiratory illnesses and their family members participate in the activities of the Organisation’s almost one hundred affiliated associations.

Respiratory illnesses concern one million Finnish people. The largest groups are those with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis and sleep apnea. The growing problems of mould and moisture damage in buildings have increased the number of those made ill by poor quality indoor air.

As a national physical activity organisation, the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland promotes, supports and organises activities for those with respiratory illnesses. The Organisation runs exercise campaigns and organises events and camps focusing on physical activity for respiratory patients of different ages and their families. The Organisation also supports and guides the exercise activities of respiratory health associations, trains peer leaders for exercise groups and offers continuing training for professionals of physical activity.

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