Fit for Life Program designed easy-going campaign called the Journey to Well-being by encouraging to increase regular physical activity and healthy eating habits among working aged population. Also, the additional aim was to strengthen the management’s understanding that physical activity is one of the key factors to working ability.

The tour was implemented in two parts. The first part included the Towards Results events for entrepreneurs, corporate management and management of public sector working communities, while the second part comprised the Journey to Fitness lorry tour intended for entire working communities. The specific objective for working communities was to support the working capacity of staff members who get too little physical activity to stay healthy. In order to enable employee wellbeing measures, the message was directed at managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs.

The Journey to Well-being tour lorry made stops in different parts of the country on more than 60 event dates, offering Body Fitness Index tests, administered for entire working communities free of charge, without exertion and the need to change out of normal clothes. In addition, visitors received take-home instructions on health-enhancing physical activity, healthy dietary habits, and physical activity on commutes and during the working day. It was also possible to generate summaries of tests for specific groups or working communities in support of planning employee wellbeing measures. During its The Adventure of Joe Finn lorry tours and projects, the Fit for Life Program found that having one’s own physical fitness tested is a motivating and successful practice able to reach the target group. The results revealed a strong correlation between good physical fitness and good working capacity.

Journey to Well-being was implemented in cooperation with both national and local partners. The national partners were pension insurance companies Elo, Etera, Keva and Mela, as well as the Working Life 2020 programme and regional sports organisations. Local partners included business development companies, municipal sports services, an entrepreneurs’ association, the regional Working Life 2020 network of the ELY Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, as well as workplaces. After lorry visits, further local provision was organised by the partners. In addition, the Fit for Life Program offered project support for launching activities, as well as materials and campaigns. The Journey to Well-being concept aimed to enhance the vitality of the working-age population, working communities and municipalities.

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