The UKK Institute’s Physical Activity Pie is a visual guideline for health-enhancing physical activity for adults aged 18—64.

The Physical Activity Pie encapsulates the following recommendation
• Health is promoted by moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity of at least 10 minutes that accumulates throughout a week to a total of at least 2 h 30 min per week.
• An alternative is more-demanding, vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity with an accumulation of at least 1 h 15 min per week.
• In addition, everyone needs muscle-strengthening and balance training at least twice a week.

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Recommendation for health-enhancing physical activity for people aged 65 and over

As you grow older, regular and diverse physical activity maintains and improves your functional capacity and prevents and treats many illnesses. The physical activity recommendation for people aged 65 and over highlights the importance of muscular strength as well as balance and agility.

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