TEAviisari is designed to support municipalities, regions and schools in the planning and management of health promotion work.

Our key term is health promotion capacity building, abbreviated in Finnish as TEA. TEAviisari provides data on measurable characteristics and activities of organisations. A particular focus is on organisations’ ability to integrate health and welfare promotion in their basic activities in a way that generates health and welfare effects in the population.

Health promotion capacity building framework: 1) commitment to health and welfare promotion 2) management of health and welfare promotion 3) monitoring and needs assessments 4) the resourcing of health and welfare 5) common practices 6) participation and 7) other core functions in health and welfare promotion.

The data collections are continuously developed so that they can better describe health promotion capacity building in municipalities. The goal is to find the smallest possible set of variables that would describe the activities of municipalities, regions or units in a comparable manner.

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