The Stair Days (‘Porraspäivät’) campaign for working communities aims to give people an impulse to make small everyday choices to promote their own health. The Stair Days campaign takes place every year in November. During the campaign week, people are encouraged to take the stairs instead of the lift and pay attention to everyday activity during the working day.

The campaign is a good tool for working communities to promote wellbeing at work. Workplaces can brainstorm various drives and competitions to mark the campaign week. The campaign offers various posters, motivational messages and pause exercises for use by working communities free of charge. On the campaign website, you can sign up for the campaign as a working community or as a private citizen and challenge friends to join the wellbeing drive.

The campaign is implemented as part of the Fit for Life Program, which aims to promote a physically active lifestyle for working-age people.

You can follow the campaign on social media with the hashtag #porraspäivät.

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